Friday, 8 August 2008

The Graham Geddes Collection at Bonhams

The website at Bonhams now carries a little more about the Geddes collection that is due to be auctioned this October. The sale will consist of just under 200 lots of antiquities with "over fifty individual Greek vases":
  • Apulian: including a volute-krater attributed to the "Geddes painter" (Trendall), presumably the piece once on loan to the Classical and Archaeology collection of the University of Melbourne (until July 1993); and a hydria attributed to the "painter of the Berlin Dancing Girl"
  • Paestan
  • Campanian
  • Gnathian
  • Attic: including a black-figured column-krater attributed to the "Swing painter". (An Attic column-krater, attributed to the "Swing painter" and showing a departing chariot, passed through Sotheby's (London) 13-14 July 1987, lot 440; is it the same one?)

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