Friday, 30 January 2009

Culturegrrl and Tom Campbell

Lee Rosenbaum of Culturegrrl is longing to have a 45 minute in-depth interview with Tom Campbell of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (for her "due diligence" search see "The Pendulum Swings: Met's Tom Campbell Gets Punked", January 29, 2009). He is willing to talk to the Telegraph and the Guardian ... so why not this "avidly read" commentator on contemporary culture?

TC - be bold. Give her the interview!



I cannot believe that the new Director of the Met, Tom Campbell is not willing to talk to Lee Rosenbaum of Culturegrr, one of the most informative and perceptive writers on culture, especially, the museums that I can think of. Most of us, non-Americans, have derived immense knowledge and information about the US cultural scene from this hyperactive, sometimes insistent but always accurate and relevant writer.

If it is really true that Tom Campbell is not willing to talk to her, then someone should advise him that he will be making a big mistake at the beginning of his new appointment which he will soon regret. It is clearly in the interest of Tom Campbell to talk to Lee Rosenbaum and not vice versa.
Dr.Kwame Opoku

PanFan said...

Tom Campbell knows exactly what he's doing by ignoring Ms. Rosenbaum. It's clear from her snide comments that lace her coverage of his appointment and subsequent activities she has a massive chip on her shoulder regarding him, fuming in a snit like a child denied ice cream whenever he gives interviews with her more respected and intellegent colleagues.

He's both wise and prudent to ignore her whining.

David Gill said...

Why would I like Culturegrrl to interview Tom Campbell? The interviews in the Telegraph and the Guardian failed to probe and left some issues hanging. What does he think about a number of issues? My own interest here would be over looted antiquities. (Remember that the MMA has yet to disclose the collecting histories of the pieces returned to Italy - contrast that position with the MFA in Boston or the Getty.) I would also be interested to learn about his plans for the e-museum.

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