Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"The Egyptian conviction targeting my client was illegitimate"

There has been a further press release to Reuters in Zurich ("Bulgaria rejects Egyptian extradition bid: lawyers", Reuters Africa, January 20, 2009) about the arrest and subsequent release of a Canadian antiquities dealer in Sofia (see earlier post). The Geneva law firm of Woodtli Levy Pardo and Brutsch issued a statement:

Mr Ali Aboutaam is now in Switzerland and is completely free in his movements ... Bulgaria purely and simply refused to take up the extradition request, considering in substance that the Egyptian conviction targeting my client was illegitimate.

Apparently the travel ban on Mr Aboutaam was lifted on January 5.

The same story story has also appeared in the Bulgarian press (January 20, 2009; link).

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David Gill said...

For a statement from Zahi Hawass see his official site.


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