Friday, 22 January 2010

Fakes and forgeries at the V&A

An exhibition, 'The Metropolitan Police Service's Investigation of Fakes and Forgeries', opens at the Victoria and Albert Museum tomorrow, Saturday 23 January 2010 (until 7 February). [V&A link]
In this display, The Metropolitan Police Service's Art and Antiques Unit will showcase some of the investigative methods involved in detecting and preventing the increasingly sophisticated crime of art forgery. Using historical and contemporary criminal cases, the broader financial and cultural impacts of art forgery on modern society are considered. Exhibits will include the diverse body of work assembled by the forger, Shaun Greenhalgh, who executed such fake "masterpieces" as the Egyptian Amarna princess and paintings purporting to be the work of the English artist, L.S. Lowry.

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Leo McNamee said...

For more information on fakes and fogeries please see

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