Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Decision over MOU with Italy

The decision over the extension of the MOU with Italy has been announced ("Extension of Import Restrictions Imposed on Archaeological Material Originating in Italy and Representing the Pre-Classical, Classical, and Imperial Roman Periods", January 19, 2011).

The broad categories are:

  • I. Stone. A. Sculpture.
  • II. Metal. A. Sculpture. B. Vessels. C. Personal Ornaments. D. Weapons and Armor. E. Inscribed or Decorated Sheet Metal. F. Coins of Italian Types.
  • III. Ceramic. A. Sculpture. B. Vessels [specifically including 'Imported Vessels' specified as Attic and Corinthian]
  • IV. Glass.
  • V. Painting. A. Wall Painting.

The Italy Database Images can be found here.

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