Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Journal of Art Crime: Fall 2010

The Journal of Art Crime 4 (Fall 2010) is now available. The journal is edited by Noah Charney. For journal details see here.

I have been reading the number on iBooks on the iPad.

Those interested in antiquities will note the following items:


  • Ton Cremers, "Security & Safety Reflections: Tracking and tracing of stolen art objects", 71-72.
  • David W.J. Gill, "Context matters. Greece and the U.S.: Reviewing cultural property agreements", 73-76.


  • Christopher A. Marinello, "On fakes", 89-90.
  • Kim Alderman, "The ethics of context: exploring assumptions in discussions about the looting of archaeological sites", 93-94.


  • Stefano Alessandrini, review of "Ancient art works recovered by the Guardia di Finanza exhibition (14 June-12 September 2010)", 101-102 [with images]. This includes the wonderful phrase, attributed to Massimo Rossi, of "mute works", that is to say objects that have lost their archaeological context.
  • Douglas L. Yearwood, review of "Art and crime: exploring the dark side of the art world", 111-112.

Those interested in Nazi Looted Art Objects and Art Crime in general will find much in the number.

For Spring 2010 see here.

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