Wednesday, 12 January 2011

La "Grande razzia": Photographic dossiers revisited

Fabio Isman has revisited the photographic archives that have been seized in Geneva, Basel, and on the island of Schinousa (Greece) and he suggests that it will be uncomfortable reading for one international dealer in antiquities (Il Giornale dell'Arte 305, January 2011 [summary]).
Un caso delicato turba il mercato d’arte internazionale delle antichità e toglie il sonno a qualche importante museo: quello delle fotografie sequestrate a Giacomo Medici e Gianfranco Becchina.
Such images, as Marion True has so recently reminded us, have been available from the Carabinieri website.

Isman shows the photograph of an Etruscan mid fifth century BC bronze from the Schinousa Archive linked to Robin Symes.

This looks like an important development.

Etruscan bronze from the Schinousa Archive.

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