Wednesday 30 May 2012

Kozloff, Cleveland and Bubon

I have been reviewing the literature for the Roman bronzes linked to Bubon (in modern Turkey). In particular, I have looked at Kozloff's discussion of the Roman bronze acquired by the Cleveland Museum of Art. Kozloff seems to suggest that the bronzes were found at Bubon, although they were perhaps originally displayed elsewhere.
We might then envision these bronzes gracing an imperial cult temple in a city larger than Bubon-perhaps a major city-that was attacked by one or another group in the mid-third century. Purposefully destroyed by the invaders, the sculptures were rescued by the inhabitants, taken in broken bits to Bubon, and stored away.
It seems that Kozloff did not doubt the find-spot, and even places their removal from the site around 1966 (when Bean noted looting at the site).

Kozloff, A. P. 1987. "Bubon: a re-assessment of the provenance." Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art 74: 130-43.

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