Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Sarpedon krater: intellectual consequences

My essay on the material and intellectual consequences of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's acquisition of the Sarpedon krater has appeared in a new volume. The research develops the themes explored in earlier published work on Cycladic figures and mapped onto Athenian figure-decorated pottery.

I cover the following themes:

  • History of acquisition
  • The lost archaeological context
  • Find-spots for Euphronios
  • Leagros kalos
  • Interpreting the iconography in an Etruscan context
  • High art?
  • Philippe de Montebello on the Sarpedon krater
  • A motif for recently surfaced antiquities
  • A motif for repatriation: "Successo storico"

There are nine essays in the volume.

Gill, D. W. J. 2012. "The material and intellectual consequences of acquiring the Sarpedon krater." In All the King's Horses: essays on the impact of looting and the illicit antiquities trade on our knowledge of the past, edited by P. K. Lazrus and A. W. Barker: 25-42. Washington DC: Society for American Archaeology.  [SAA website]

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