Friday, 20 July 2012

CPRI: is research a misnomer?

The so-called Cultural Property Research Institute (CPRI) was recently cited in the New York Times. When it was launched in 2009 it claimed to be embarking on a programme of "research" projects. The first report on private collecting in North America was seriously flawed and failed to present the data. A year ago I noted that the CPRI was failing to deliver on its projects, and that situation remains unchanged.

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Paul Barford said...

Are you sure that this "institution" still exists? Their website indicates that the initial board of directors was appointed until the end of 2010, and has not been renewed.

Members of the Board of Directors, 2009-2010

But certainly their research programme seems to have died a death.

David Gill said...

This suggests that the NYT did not bother to check its facts. Had it been fed the story by one of CPRI's (ex) directors or perhaps by a paid Washington lobbyist?

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