Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fake Coins: a lesson

The case of the Weiss coins is reminiscent of the "Fitzwilliam Goddess" [JSTOR].

  • The important object with the large price tag
  • The semi-professional dealer who handled the sculpture / coins
  • The authentification prior to the sale
  • The reported find-spot that added authenticity

Perhaps this article should be on Weiss' reading list as he prepares his longer article for the benefit of coin collectors.

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Nathan Elkins said...

There is also the connection between looted coins and the creation of forgeries in Operation Ghelas, which you've discussed before:

A Fragmentary Athena Attributed to Myron

It has been reported that a fragmentary Roman limestone copy of a 5th century BCE sculpture of Athena attributed to Myron is now the subject...