Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The so-called Crosby Garrett helmet: "This helmet really belongs here"

The so-called Crosby Garrett helmet allegedly found buried in a field near the village of that name in Cumbria has now been placed on display in the British Museum. It has attracted over 20,000 visitors when display at the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle (Chris Story, "More than 20,000 see Roman helmet at Carlisle Museum", in-Cumbria January 27, 2014). One of the Carlisle visitors is quoted: "This helmet really belongs here". Indeed it does (if it was found in a Cumbrian field). But it was acquired by an anonymous private collector.

We should not forget that this helmet underwent a rushed restoration "job" before it went under the hammer in London. There has been (as far as I can tell) no scientific study of the helmet.

And we need to question where it was found.

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