Thursday, 9 December 2021

The surrendered Steinhardt collection and the Medici dossier

Left: Medici Dossier, courtesy of Christos Tsirogiannis
Right: New York State District Attorney Office 
Research by Associate Professor Christos Tsirogiannis has made innumerable identifications of objects from the Medici Dossier. The paperwork for the Steinhardt collection makes it clear how many items had passed before the Polaroid camera of that source.

The items include:
  • Etruscan togate figure, from Perugia (pp. 16–17).
  • Two bronze figures of Pegasus (pp. 17–18).
  • Villanovan helmet (pp. 18–19).
  • Two Etruscan terracotta panels, from Cerveteri (pp. 19).
  • Attic sphinx cup, Tleson (pp. 19–20).
  • Oinochoe attributed to the Berlin painter (pp. 20–21)
  • Attic Leagros hydria (pp. 21–22).
  • Attic Antimenes hydria (pp. 22–23).
  • Attic head vase (pp. 23–24).
  • Protocorinthian duck (p. 24).
  • Protocorinthian owl (pp. 24–25).
  • Ionian ram's head (p. 25).
  • Corinthian bull's head (pp. 25–26).
  • Corinthian lion vessel (p. 26).
  • Faliscan askos (p. 27).
  • Four marble oscilla (p. 27)
  • Cycladic spouted bowl (p. 28).
It is a reminder that the 'Medici Conspiracy' continues to make an impact on cultural property issues.
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