Thursday, 25 September 2008

"Nostoi" Exhibition Opens in the New Akropolis Museum

The text of the speech by Mihalis Liapis, the Hellenic Minister of Culture has been released (press release). It reflected on the nature of "Homecomings" and the "Odyssey" for the many pieces since they had been removed from their archaeological contexts.

There was even criticism for those who argue against the return of antiquities in what is perceived as a globalised or cosmopolitan world.

Liapis highlighted the cultural co-operation between Greece and Italy. He talked about the common concern that history is being transformed into marketable items (το κοινό βίωμα της μετατροπής της ιστορίας μας σε εμπόρευμα). Pride of place was given to the symbolic return of the Parthenon frieze fragment from Palermo; Liapis looked forward to the major homecoming of the other Parthenon sculptures.

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