Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Journal of Art Crime: Spring 2010

The Journal of Art Crime 3, 1 (Spring 2010) is now available. The journal is edited by Noah Charney. For journal details see here.

Those interested in antiquities will be interested in the following items:

  • David W.J. Gill: Collecting Histories and the Market for Classical Antiquities, 3-10 [abstract]
  • Helen E. Scott: Responding to Art Vandalism in British Museums and Galleries: A Survey of the Situation, 11-22
  • Miranda Vitello: The Getty Kouros Mystery, 23-30.
  • Olivia Sladen: Faking History: How Provenance Forgery is Conning the Art World 41-52.
  • Simmy Swinder: The Looting of the Iraq Museums: An Examination of Efforts to Protect Universal Cultural Property, 53-74

  • David Gill: Context Matters. “Italy and the US: Reviewing Cultural Property Agreements”,  81-85.
  • Colonel Giovanni Pastore: Cultural Heritage. “The Defense of Underwater Archaeological Heritage” / “La Difesa Del Patrimonio Archeologico Subacqueo”,  87-92.
  • Donn Zaretsky: Art Law and Policy, 95-97.


  • John Kleberg: What’s in a Number? 99-100.
  • John Kleberg: University Treasures 101-102.
  • David W.J. Gill: The Returns to Italy from North America: An Overview 105-09.


Derek Fincham Reviews, 113-14.

  • Criminology and Archaeology: Studies in Looted Antiquities, ed. S. Mackenzie and P. Green (Hart Publishing 2009)
  • The Restitution of Cultural Assets, Beat Schönenberger (Eleven International Publishing 2009)


  • Mark Durney: ARCA profile of Ton Cremers 125
  • Mark Durney: Q&A with ICE’s Cultural Property, Art and Antiquities Program Head of the Northeast, Special Agent Bonnie Goldblatt, 127-128
  • 2010 ARCA Award Winners 129

For earlier numbers see here.

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