Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cleveland: "I think we had a rigorous process"

The tragic story relating to the resignation of David Franklin, the director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, has been revealed by Steven Litt ("Cleveland Museum of Art confirms that an extramarital affair led to David Franklin's resignation as director", Plain Dealer, October 24, 2013). Meanwhile interim director Fred Bidwell has to find another $97 million for the museum's capital campaign (Steven Litt, "Interim Director Fred Bidwell seeks to calm the Cleveland Museum of Art after David Franklin's sudden resignation", Plain Dealer, October 22, 2013).

Readers should also take a look at Lee Rosenbaum's discussion and her comments on what she describes as a debacle at the CMA.

And Bidwell will soon have to start fielding some serious questions about Michael Bennett's acquisition of the Leutwitz Apollo.

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