Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dallas and Spina loan

Two Etruscan bronze shields
Formerly Dallas Museum of Art
The Italian Ministry of Culture has issued a press release about the return of objects from the Dallas Museum of Art. The positive and constructive attitude adopted by director Maxwell Anderson has now led to the loan of a tomb group (T512 A) from Spina (and housed in Ferrara).

Anderson is quoted:
“Siamo onorati ed entusiasti di continuare la nostra collaborazione ... con i nostri colleghi italiani. E’una rara opportunità poter ammirare questi oggetti tutti insieme, ed evidenziare il loro ruolo combinato nelle pratiche funerarie antiche”.
The loan material includes Attic pottery (krater, cup, oinochoe) and other items.

Bell-krater from Spina.
Source MiBAC

Spina T512 A during excavation
Source MiBAC

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