Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Honours for Influence?

I note that the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG) legal case rumbles on. Rick St Hilaire has a useful commentary.

I was particularly interested in the Seventh Affirmative Defense which criticises the then Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns. It is alleged that he received an award from Greek and Greek Cypriot lobbying groups, and that in return he ordered import restrictions on coins.

Does the ACCG make awards in the hope of receiving something in return?

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Cultural Property Observer said...

Thank you for actually posting our amended answer. That's more than Messrs. St. Hilaire and Barford did. As for your question, the ACCG has given awards to legislators consistent with House and Senate ethics rules at the time. That's a bit different than giving an award to a bureaucrat who then evidently ordered regular processes to be short-circuited. Indeed, this sounds more like something that regularly happens in Greece and Cyprus than here.

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