Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Euphronios and Cerveteri

In 1999 the J. Paul Getty Museum returned an Attic red-figured cup "signed" by Euphronios as potter and attributed to Onesimos. It had been acquired in fragments between 1983 and 1985 from (among other sources) Galerie Nefer and the Hydra Gallery. The cup itself had been dedicated to Ercle; the sanctuary of Ercle at Cerveteri was not excavated until 1993. (See comments in an earlier review.) Two further fragments of the cup had been added in 2005 when they were returned by Giacomo Medici.

It has now been reported that a new fragment of the cup has been found at Cerveteri ("Fragment of Euphronios work found", ANSA June 6, 2008).
The new fragment forms part of a scene in which Talthybius, messenger of Greek commander Agamemnon, is sent to bring back Achilles' slave Briseis.
Apparently the piece was found by two volunteers who worked at Cerveteri; other objects were seized in their house.

Cerveteri is also the reported find-spot of the Sarpedon krater.

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