Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Cleveland Museum of Art: Announcement

The announcement about the return of antiquities from the Cleveland Museum of Art has been made this afternoon.

  • 1) Pig-shaped Feeding Vessel/Vaso plastico a porcellino.
  • 2) Mule Head Rhyton/Rython a testa di mulo.
  • 3) Sardinian Warrior/Bronzetto nuragico.
  • 4) Apulian Volute Krater by the Darius Painter; Departure of Anphiaros/Cratere a volute a figure rosse.
  • 5) Etruscan Red-figure Duck Askos/Askos ad anatra a figure rosse.
  • 6) Bird Askos/Askos campano ad uccello.
  • 7) Dog “Lekanis” Bowl with Lid/Coppa e coperchio a figure rosse.
  • 8) Apulian Gnathia Flat-Bodied Epichysis/Epichysis tipo Gnathia.
  • 9) Apulian Gnathia Round-Bellied Epichysis/Epichysis tipo Gnathia.
  • 10) Apulian Gnathia Lekythos/Lekythos tipo Gnathia.
  • 11) Acorn Lekythos: An Eros Serving a Lady/Lekythos campana a figure rosse.
  • 12) Corinthian Krater/Cratere a colonnette corinzio.
  • 13) Pair of Bracelets/Due coppie di armille in argento.
  • 14) 14th Century Italian Processional Cross/croce processionale in rame dorato del sec. XIV.

An Apulian volute-krater, attributed to the Darius painter (Formerly Cleveland Museum of Art 1988.41). Image source: MiBAC.

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