Monday, 11 October 2010

Beans mean ... Crosby Garrett helmet

Farmer Eric Robinson of Crosby Garrett has confirmed that he would be receiving money from the sale of the so-called Crosby Garrett helmet ("Farmer Full Of Beans After £2m Helmet Sold", The Journal (Newcastle upon Tyne) October 11, 2010). He tells how he plans to share the sale money with a metal-detectorist from County Durham: "My legs were like jelly as I followed the auction online. We're not party animals. We ate beans on toast and tried to take it in."

The report adds: "[Robinson] shared the fortune with the metal detector user from County Durham, who came across the 2,000-year-old find."

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1 comment:

Macrinus said...

Well saved, Mr Robinson. Now you are singing from the right song-sheet.

His earlier comments, though, are a matter of record and it would be interesting to know why he said, as landowner, that certain decisions were not up to him.

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