Monday, 11 October 2010

Crosby Garrett, the Treasure Act and Lord Renfrew

Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn raised the issue of the so-called Crosby Garrett helmet in a letter to The Times (London): 'Treasure Act Must Be Updated Now' (October 9, 2010). Commenting on the helmet's sale for more than £2million, Renfrew added (on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group):
Surely an object of this archaeological importance should go to a public museum, preferably within the region where it was found. There is, however, a deficiency in the legislation intended to secure this. A review of the Treasure Act was due in 2007 and is now clearly overdue. The Act has worked well in many circumstances, for example with the Staffordshire Hoard. We believe, however, that the definition of treasure should be extended without further delay to ensure that the public interest is more reliably safeguarded in the future. This can be done by order and does not require primary legislation.

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