Thursday, 23 October 2008

Basel Ancient Art Fair 2008

Details of the Basel Ancient Art Fair (BAAF) 2008 are available on the web. We are informed:
BAAF’s quota of leading world specialists makes it not only the largest, but also the most important fair of its kind under one roof. All participants are members of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA) and follow a strict code of ethics concerning the authenticity and provenance of the objects they sell.
Among the objects listed on the press release are:
  • Greek marble head of a veiled goddess. Private Israeli Collection, acquired in the 1970's. Safani, New York.
  • Mycenaean kylix. Private German Collection, acquired in 1985. Safani, New York.
  • Kiliya marble figure of a goddess. Private American Collection since 1985. Safani, New York.
  • Canaanite bronze female fertility goddess. Ex. private collection UK, acquired early 1980s. Rupert Wace, London.
  • Graeco-Roman torso of Dionysos. Professor Bernhard Kommel Collection. Safani Gallery, New York.
  • Torso of the Doryphoros. Paris, private collection. Jean-David Cahn, Basel.

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