Tuesday 11 March 2008

The Koreschnica Krater: More on the Tomb

Looting in the Republic of Macedonia has been a serious problem. One of the tombs ransacked during the 1990s was at Koreschnica, north-west of Demir Kapija on the north side of the Vardar. I have now been sent details of the tomb said to contain 'the Koreschnica krater' (and I reproduce the plan of the tomb with the creator's permission).

Among the finds were three bronze warriors (no. 10) placed around the krater (no. 11) which contained cremated remains. The tomb also contained two shields and a number of Illyrian helmets.

Pasko Kuzman, head of the National Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Macedonia, would like the archaic krater (and the other contents) to be returned. Can any of the finds be identified in private or public collections?


phrygian said...

Item no. 11 is the krater in the Levy-White collection that is on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Acquired by the couple in 1997.

Item no. 10 is Lot 18 (Three Greek bronze warriors, 6th Century B.C.) in Christie's Sale 7336 "The Stanford Place Collection of Antiquities" held in London on 26 April 2006. The lot sold for £30,000.

Another item from the Koreschnica Tomb in this sale is Lot 3, described as A Greek gilt silver appliqué with Nike (Victory) charioteer, c. 540-525 B.C. It went unsold.

David Gill said...

How can these links be made? What is the evidence?

You appear certain. Why?

NUMBER#2 said...

Phrygian just wants to throw the word "Greek" in the picture although the artifact was unearthed in Macedonia and along the way, he omits the country of origin. Don't be bothered please, it is just another example of Greek hyperactivity on the Internet in regards to topics related to Macedonia.

DetzaNaMoDea said...

Details of the tomb send by whom?
The world heritage is no ones property, why don't you help the inquiry?

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