Monday, 19 July 2010

Operation Andromeda: Detailed Report

Fabio Isman has written on the seizure of antiquities from a Japanese dealer operating out of the Geneva Freeport ("Operazione Andromeda", Il Messaggero July 17, 2010). The report names the Japanese dealer as Noryioshi Horiuchi who appears to have supplied antiquities for the Miho Museum. Colonel Raffaele Mancino confirmed that the raid on the Japanese dealer's premises in the Geneva Freeport had opened up a line of inquiry that looked to the east.

The seizures also appear to confirm links with Robin Symes and Gianfranco Becchina (see seizures in Basel).

Among the returned items were 10 Roman frescoes that appeared to have come from Pompeii, an Athenian cup attributed to the Brygos painter, a black-figured pot attributed to the Priam painter (and see the amphora in Madrid), and an Apulian pot attributed to the Darius painter.

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