Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Operation Andromeda: Geneva, the Japanese Dealer and the Miho Museum

The return of 337 antiquities to Italy after their seizure in Geneva Freeport as part of Operation Andromeda has turned a spotlight on the Miho Museum. The reason is that the Japanese dealer whose premises were raided has been named in the Italian press as Noryioshi Horiuchi. This dealer has been linked as one of the key suppliers for the Miho Museum.

It emerged during the Rome trial of Robert Hecht that the Medici Dossier had included images of an oscillum in the Miho Museum. It also appears that there are some 50 objects in the Miho Museum that are under investigation. (Compare the 22 in Madrid.)

The authorities at the Miho Museum would be wise to open negotiations with Italian authorities before there are further damaging revelations.

Composite of Polaroid from the Medici Dossier and an oscillum acquired from unstated source by the Miho Museum.

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