Friday, 9 April 2010

Cairo Conference: Libya's claims

A report on the Cairo conference suggests that Libya is wanting to see the return of the Apollo from Cyrene (Hadeel Al-Shalchi, "Egypt teams with 25 nations to return antiquities", AP April 8, 2010). The colossal statue (inv. GR 1861.7-25.1 [Sculpture 1380]) was recovered from the Temple of Apollo by Lieutenant Robert Murdoch Smith (1835-1900) of the Royal Engineers during his exploration of Cyrene in 1860-61 with Lieutenant E.A. Porcher (History of the Recent Discoveries at Cyrene Made During an Expedition to the Cyrenaica in 1860-61 [1864]). It was this 'Beautiful Apollo' that encouraged George Dennis (of Etruria fame) to turn his attention to Cyrenaica.

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